The 2013 International Conference on Data Mining
Maintenance Knowledge Management with Fusion of CMMS and CM
Sten-Erik Bjorling, Diego Galar, David Baglee, Sarbjeet Singh, Uday Kumar
Sentimental Analysis on Turkish Blogs via Ensemble Classifier
Sadi Evren Seker, Khaled Al -Naami
Reliable Probabilistic Classification of Mammographic Masses Using Random Forests
Hechmi Shili, Lotfi Ben Romdhane, Bechir El Ayeb
Identifying Patterns and Anomalies in Delayed Neutron Monitor Data of Nuclear Power Plant
Durga Toshniwal, Aditya Gupta, Pramod Gupta, Vikas Khurana, Pushp Upadhyay
Alleviating the Class Imbalance Problem in Data Mining
Akkenzhe Sarmanova, Songul Albayrak
Efficiency of Crop Yield Forecasting Depending on the Moment of Prediction based onLarge
Remote Sensing Data set

Alexander Murynin, Konstantin Gorokhovskiy, Vladimir Ignatiev
Neural Network Forecasting with the S&P 500 Index Across Decades
Mary Malliaris, Anastasios G. Malliaris
Data Uncertainty Handling in High Level Information Fusion
Robert Woodley, Michael Gosnell, Amber Fischer
A Preliminary Approach to Study the Causality of Freezing of Gait for Parkinson's: Bayesian
Belief Network Approach

Ali Saad, Abass Zeineldine, Iyad Zaarour, Mohammad Ayache, Dimitri Lefebvre, Francois
Guerin, Paul Bejjani

Evaluation of Monte Carlo Subspace Clustering with OpenSubspace
David Hunn, Clark Olson
MineTool-3DM2: An Algorithm for Data Mining of 3D Simulation Data
Tamara Sipes, Homa Karimabadi
Actions Ontology System for Action Rules Discovery in Mammographic Mass Data
Angelina A. Tzacheva, Erik A. Koenig, Justin R. Pardue
GDP Forecasting through Data Mining of Seaport Export-Import Records
H. Raymond Joseph
Association Rule Mining for Finding Correlations Among People
Valmik Nikam, Nimai Buch, Yash Botadra, B.B. Meshram

Toward Sustainable High-Yield Agriculture via Intelligent Control Systems
Brian McLaughlan, James Brandli
Extending Local Similarity Indexes with KNN for Link Prediction
Greg Speegle, Yilan Bai, Young-Rae Cho
A New Simple Classification Algorithm enabling a New Approach for Identification of Virtual

K Burn-Thornton, T Burman
Using Data Mining to Analyze Donation Data for a Local Food Bank
Steven Jiang, Lauren Davis, Henrique Tavares De Mleo, Jessica Terry
Flash Reactivity: Adaptative models in recommender systems
Julien Gaillard, Marc El-Beze, Eitan Altman, Emmanuel Ethis
Analysis of Truck Compressor Failures Based on Logged Vehicle Data
Rune Prytz, SÅ‚awomir Nowaczyk, Thorsteinn Rognvaldsson, Stefan Byttner
Proposed Business Intelligence Models for Medical Risk Assessment Case study of Venous
Thrombosis Disease in Egypt

Edward Wadid, Nevine Makram Labib, Sayed Abdel Wahab
Improve the Quality of Product Recommendation based on Multi-channel CRM for

Chuen-He Liou
Using Recursive Sorting to Improve Accuracy of Memory-based Collaborative Filtering

Serhiy Morozov, Hossein Saiedian
Mining for Hydrologic Features in LiDAR Data
Rebecca Reizner, Eric Shaffer, Brianna Birman
Role of Social Media in Early Warning of Norovirus Outbreaks: A Longitudinal
Twitter-Based Infoveillance

Ahmed YoussefAgha, Wasantha Jayawardene, David Lohrmann
Spatial-Temporal Clustering of a Self-Organizing Map
Carlos Enrique Gutierrez, Mohammad Reza Alsharif, Katsumi Yamashita, Rafael Villa, Cuiwei
He, Hayao Miyagi

An Evolutionary Associative Contrast Rule Mining Method for Incomplete Database
Kaoru Shimada, Takashi Hanioka
Hierarchical Video Indexing And Retrieval System
Mohammed Yassine Kazi Tani, Abdelghani Ghomari, Lamia Dali Youcef
A Novel Query Suggestion Method Based On Sequence Similarity and Transition Probability
Bo Shu, Zhendong Niu, Xiaotian Jiang, Ghulam Mustafa

A Multi-scale Nonparametric/Parametric Hybrid Recognition Strategy with Multi-category
Posterior Probability Estimation

Zhao Lu, Zheng Lu, Haoda Fu
SVM-Based Approaches for Predictive Modeling of Survival Data
Han-Tai Shiao, Vladimir Cherkassky
Large Scale Visual Classification with Parallel, Imbalanced Bagging of Incremental

Thanh-Nghi Doan, Thanh-Nghi Do, Francois Poulet
Gaussian Process Regression with Dynamic Active Set and Its Application to Anomaly

Toshikazu Wada, Yuki Matsumura, Shunji Maeda, Hisae Shibuya
A Study of kNN using ICU Multivariate Time Series Data
Dan Li, Admir Djulovic, Jianfeng Xu
Genetic Algorithms and Classification Trees in Feature Discovery: Diabetes and the NHANES

Alejandro Heredia-Langner, Kristin Jarman, Brett Amidan, Joel Pounds
Isolating Matrix Sparsity in Collaborative Filtering Ratings Matrices
Brian Pechkis, Eun-Joo Lee
A Novel Randomized Feature Selection Algorithm
Subrata Saha, Rampi Ramprasad, Sanguthevar Rajasekaran
Fraud Detection Using Reputation Features, SVMs, and Random Forests
Dave DeBarr, Harry Wechsler
A Novel Ensemble Selection Technique for Weak Classifiers
Kung-Hua Chang, D. Stott Parker
Labeled Subgraph Matching Using Degree Filtering
Lixin Fu, Surya Kommireddy
Social Network Anonymization and Influence Preservation
Alina Campan, Yasmeen Alufaisan

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